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Vice President and Head of Engineering

Kurt Zarefoss

As Vice President and Head of Engineering, I am responsible for bringing our product vision to life. This involves a very close partnership with our product management, data, infrastructure, sales, and operations teams. Driving customer value through continuous product improvements and high-quality releases is our mission.

Before joining Paylocity, I led several high-growth, multi-region teams focusing on high-scale cloud-based solutions for video streaming, higher education, supply chain, digital preservation, transportation logistics, air traffic control, and a few cool projects for the government I am still not allowed to talk about.

I earned my master’s degree in computer science at Johns Hopkins University and have undergraduate degrees in computer science, marketing, and finance from Towson University. In my spare time, you will find me going on a run, taking photographs, trying a new restaurant, or learning how to make new cocktails.

The thing I enjoy most about Paylocity is the overall passion to continually look for ways to simplify our customers’ lives at all levels of the organization. From the C-Suite to the HR department to the employees, there is no end in sight to what we will be able to accomplish together.