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Chief Data Science Officer and Vice President of Insights

Adam McElhinney

As Chief Data Science Officer and Vice President of Insights, I take all the data around how our products are used to find opportunities to unlock new value for our clients. To me and my team, all the numbers and charts translate to insights that drive new products and functionality enhancements.

Before I came to Paylocity, I was Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer for a technology company, where I led a team of 75 data scientists who built cutting-edge industrial data analytics tools. In my career, my research has led to 18 patent filings in machine learning, the Internet of Things (IOT), software engineering, and Big Data technology. I’ve also had the honor of being recognized by the Illinois Technology Association (ITA) as the 2018 Technologist of the Year.

I earned my master's degree in statistics from the University of Illinois at Chicago and have undergraduate degrees in mathematics, economics, and political science from Indiana University Bloomington. Outside Paylocity, I’m an adjunct professor in the Computer Science and Mathematics departments at the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT). When I’m not at work, you can usually find me enjoying many of Chicago’s great restaurants or at home trying to replicate my favorite chefs’ dishes.

“The thing that strikes me most about Paylocity is the passion everyone has toward empowering our clients’ workforces. I’ve always been a numbers geek my whole life, and the opportunity to leverage data sets to empower a modern workforce makes me really excited to go to work every day.”